How Women Dresses Classification

According to the position of the waistline in the waistline, there is a middle waist skirt, a low waist skirt, and a high waist skirt.

According to the length of the skirt, there are long skirts (skirts to the middle of the squat), mid skirts (skirts to the knees, above the squats), short skirts (skirts to the knees) and miniskirts (the skirts only in the middle of the thighs) ;

According to the contour of the skirt, it can be roughly divided into three categories: uniform skirt, oblique skirt and winding skirt.

1, by length:

(1) Short skirt: The mini skirt is also called mini skirt, the length to the gluteal groove, the leg is almost completely naked, about 1/5 +4.

(2) Short skirt: length to the middle of the thigh, about 1/4 +4.

(3) Knee skirt: length to the upper end of the knee, about 3/10 +4.

(4) Over-the-knee skirt: length to the lower end of the knee joint, about 3/10 +12.

(5) Mid-length skirt: length to the middle of the calf, about 2/5 +6.

(6) Long skirt: length to the ankle bone, about 3/5.

(7) Mopping long skirt: length to the ground, you can determine the length of the skirt as needed, the length is greater than 3/5 +8.

2, according to the overall shape classification:

(1) Straight skirt: The rigorous skirt style, such as suit skirt, cheongsam skirt, tubular skirt, step skirt, etc. are all straight skirt structure. The finished product is characterized by dignified and elegant style, and the dynamic is not strong.

(2) inclined skirt: usually called flare skirt, wave skirt, round table skirt, etc., is a simple structure, strong dynamic skirt style. From the inclined skirt to the straight skirt, according to the size of the skirt can be divided into: round table skirt, oblique skirt, large A-shaped skirt, small A-shaped skirt, straight skirt, cheongsam skirt.

(3) Skirts: There are various structural forms. The basic forms include direct skirts and tiered skirts. They can be used in dresses and daily wear. The design tends to be gorgeous and a certain rhythm effect.

3, according to the level of the waist:

Can be divided into natural waist skirt, no waist skirt, even waist skirt, low waist skirt, high waist skirt and dress.

(1) Natural waist skirt: The waist line is located at the thinnest part of the waist of the human body, and the waist is 3-4cm wide.

(2) No waist skirt: 0-1cm above the waistline, no need to wear waist, waist stickers.

(3) Even waist skirt: The waist is directly attached to the skirt, the waist is 3-4cm wide, and there is a waist patch.

(4) Low-waist skirt: the front is 2-4cm below the waistline, and the waist is curved.

(5) High-waist skirt: The waist is more than 4cm above the waistline, and the highest can reach below the chest.

(6) Dress: The skirt is directly connected to the top.

The combination of skirt and skin color: If the skin is white and the face is ruddy, the girl with a light yellow or tender yellow material can receive a good aesthetic effect. If the skin is thicker and darker, wear a more earthy yellow color or a yellow-blue-green color with a gray tone. People who are bloodless in their faces, don't wear grass-green skirts, because the grass is green and the face is more gray, giving people a sense of no spirit.

In general, only white skirts can be matched with any skin tone, especially for those with a morbid skin color, such as lack of blood, yellow or blue skin, which can be healthier and more spiritual. For people with a skin color between black and white, the color between the light and the dark should be used. It is not appropriate to wear a color similar to the skin color. People with rough skin should not wear tender colors such as pink, pink, and light yellow. The tender color is contrasted with the rough skin.

The combination of skirt and body shape: people with small body shape, the color of the skirt should be light color, the light color has a widening and magnifying sense, which makes the skinny body full. Those who are more obese should wear a dark skirt, and the dark color has a sense of contraction, giving the person a relatively narrow vision. For people with wide shoulders, choose the same color or a skirt with a shallow upper body and a deeper lower body; those with short legs and low waists should wear a uniform uniform skirt. For those with thick thighs and small buttocks, it is better to use a slightly darker dress. Round face type, choose dark and dark skirts.

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